Revealing the unique world that awaits prospective students at the University of Auckland

Your World Your Way

The University of Auckland

The way that prospective students explore their academic options is evolving. Our goal was to create an interactive experience that engages with prospective students in a new way. Working in collaboration with the Connected Experiences team at the University of Auckland, we placed prospective students at the centre of the experience by encouraging them to tell us about themselves. This came in the form of a microsite with two key areas.

The first area features a short survey that builds a profile of a prospective student. Based on their responses, we then present back a stylised desktop scene, full of crafted 3D objects to interact with — a visually unique reflection of the visitor.


Art Direction

3D Design

User Experience

Design Lead


Produced at Method Design: Sophie Douglas 3D: Lahiru De Silva, Roshan Nowshad Technical Lead: Preston Thomas Development: Caitlin Palmer, Matt van der Haas, Gardner Bickford, James Bosworth Copywriting: Mark Easterbrook

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